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2015 Virtual Conference

Continuing Education

Day 1 Part 2: Pathways versus Personalized Medicine: Never the Twain Shall Meet

Michael Kolodziej, MD, FACP

Day 1 Part 4: Oncology Medical Home Accreditation

Bo Gamble, Community Oncology Alliance

Day 1 Part 5: Emerging Oncology Business Model Hospital and Integrated Healthcare Systems

Phil Johnson, MS, RPh, FASHP/John Conway

Day 1 Part 6: Perspective on the Future of Oncology Drug and Disease Management

Grant Lawless, RPh, MD/Jeff Lombardo


Harold D. Miller

Day 2 Part 2: The Decade of Risk in Healthcare: Dramatic Changes for Oncology

Bruce Pyenson, FSA, MAAA

Day 2 Part 3: The Oncology Medical Home: Why and How and Results

Barbara McAneny MD

Day 2 Part 4: Oversight Framework for Personalized Medicine Services

Sylvia Trujillo/Katherine Taber

Day 2 Part 5: Genetics in Cancer Therapy

Raju Kucherlapati, PhD

Day 2 Part 6: Value-Based Cancer Care: How Do We Get There in the ’Omics Era?

Gary Palmer, MD, JD, MBA, MPH

Day 2 Part 7: Can We Afford Personalized Medicine?

Michael Kolodziej, MD, FACP

Day 2 Part 9: Fifth Annual Conference Association for Value-Based Cancer Care

Victoria M. Pratt, PhD, FACMG

Day 2 Part 10: The Role of the Pathologist in the Era of Precision Oncology

Pranil K. Chandra, DO, FCAP, FASCP

Day 2 Part 11: The Role of Immunotherapy in Personalizing Treatment

Sanjiv S. Agarwala, MD

Day 3 Part 1: Intersection of 340B in Cancer Care

Aaron Vandervelde

Day 3 Part 2: Why Cancer Care Will Change

Brian Klepper, PhD

Day 3 Part 3: The Role of On-Site Health Centers in the Care of Cancer Patients

Larry Boress, Executive Director

Day 3 Part 4: Private Health Exchanges

Laurel Pickering, MPH

Last modified: September 4, 2015
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