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Personalized Medicine

Jayson Slotnick discusses the definition and feasibility of personalized medicine
Jennifer Malin presents the value proposition of personalized mediine as it pertains to the cost-benefit ratio
Linda Bosserman provides an overview of the nuances of personalized medicine as it relates to cost, value and access
Jayson Slotnik provides an overview of the issues in demonostrating the value of personalzied medicine tests and products
Grant Lawless discusses the definition of value in personalized medicine from different perspectives
Matthew Palmgren presents the key issues that help justify the value and cost of personalized medicines
Linda Bosserman discusses the issues regarding the value of personalized care
Michael Kolodziej discusses the importance of understanding patient needs in order to develop an appropriate price point for innovative therapies
Jennifer Malin discusses the aspects of value and how they are realized in personalized medicine
John Hennessy provides a few benefits of personalized medicine as it effects the ability to make better treatment choices earlier rather than later
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