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Call for Abstracts

You're Invited!

Submit an abstract for the Sixth Annual Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) Conference. This is an opportunity to share research, programs, and results with your peers. This session will facilitate communication among the various professionals and programs to advance the knowledge of all our members and those in attendance.

To Participate

To participate, please submit your abstract to AVBCC using our online submission system. E-mailed or faxed submissions will not be accepted.

All submission(s) will be peer-reviewed and the abstract author(s) will be notified of acceptance for poster display and/or presentation at the 2016 Conference. We look forward to the discussions that all those in attendance will have with the authors and representatives of the selected posters. All ideas are welcome for consideration.

The deadline to submit abstracts has passed;
we are no longer accepting submissions at this time.

Abstract Guidelines


  • Please type carefully and remember to proofread before submission.
  • All abstracts should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document, which will be uploaded to our site.
  • Abstracts must fit on a single 8.5” x 11” page using a 10– or 12–point Arial font.
  • Character limit: 2500 total characters, including spaces. This does not include the title or the subject headers.
  • All abstracts must include: Full author names (including any applicable degrees), author primary affiliations, and designation of the primary author (name in boldface). Names and affiliations will not be counted toward the word count.
  • Primary contact information will be captured on the following page.
  • All abstracts must have at least one representative as a registered attendee at the conference.


  • Abstracts should be structured in the following manner: Title, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • Titles should include significant words, which reflect the content of the abstract.
  • Generic names should be used for drugs, devices, not trade names.
  • Abbreviations may be used in the text of abstracts if they are defined. Spell out the term in full at first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses.
  • Figures/Tables will not be permitted.


  • If the research within your abstract is sponsored in any way by a pharmaceutical company, you must indicate this on your abstract. This information will not be part of the word count. Individual author disclosures are not required.

Encore/Previously Presented Information

  • Abstracts previously presented at other conferences will be considered. Information regarding the previous presentation should be included in the document you will be submitting. Permission to reproduce may need to be granted as well (see below).

Permission to Reproduce

  • All accepted abstracts will be placed on the AVBCC website under 2016 Conference Abstracts. In addition, AVBCC will publish all abstracts in the Conference Guide and in a preconference issue of Value-Based Cancer Care. By submitting an abstract it is understood that the primary author has the permission of the coauthors, and any applicable conference or journal, to reproduce the abstract as written.


  • Notification regarding a decision will be made via e-mail to the designated contact person within 2 weeks following receipt of submission.
  • For accepted abstracts, further instructions regarding poster presentation will be included in that communication.
  • American Health & Drug Benefits
  • Academy of Oncology Nurse Navigators
  • JONS
  • Lynx CME
  • The Oncology Nurse
  • Oncology Practice Management
  • Personalized Medicine in Oncology
  • Value-Based Cancer Care